Create Your Own Pizza

All of our pizzas are handmade to order, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our pizza sauce is made from scratch with a special blend of herbs and spices. We make our dough everyday using only the finest quality flour. Our pizzas take a little longer to prepare properly, so please be patient and you will be rewarded with the best pizza you have ever eaten.

Small 8” Medium 10” Large 14” Giant 16”
One Topping 8.79 12.49 17.89 21.69
Additional Topping 1.39 1.99 2.49 3.49
Cheese Plain and simple. The best for true flavor.
Onion Garden fresh onion. (Be sure to take a mint when you leave)
Green Olive From sunny California.
Black Olive Also from sunny California, but with a bit more sun.
Green Bell Pepper Fresh from Poppa Rollo's bell pepper patch.
Hot Jalapeno From our neightbor to the south; tans your tastebuds.
Mushroom Sliced and fresh. Never from a can!
Pepperoni A whole passel of spicy slices await your taster.
Hamburger Very lean; especially good for the small fry.
Sausage Generously sprinked all over for discriminating tastes.
Canadian Bacon From the north. Great with pineapple.
Anchovy From the waters of Portugal. A small, tasty, salty fish delecasy.
Italian Sausage Real spicy with fennel seeds.
Shrimp Small tasty delights.
Spinach Try these delicious green on our spinach Alfredo pizza. YUM!
Pineapple Delicious. Great with Canadian Bacon.
Bacon Crispy and full of flavor.
Chicken White meat cooked to perfection.

Gluten Free!

You can make any medium (10”) pizza gluten free.
Ask your server for a list of gluten free pizza toppings.

How do you like your dough?

All of our pizzas come on our made from scratch dough on a thin crust.
For a little more crunch, ask for "Crispy Crust"
All of our pizzas can also be made on our made-from-scratch whole wheat dough